Only 3 days left to Christmas Eve and since Christmas comes along with lots of bright lights and energy consuming presents like a new TV for dad and a PlayStation for your brother, this post aims to tell you how to save energy to keep your good conscious during the Christmas days and to prevent the shock caused by your energy bill after New Year’s.

The christmas tree in front of the Rockefeller center is now decorated with LED lights

The christmas tree in front of the Rockefeller center is now decorated with LED lights


The post Christmas energy saving tips for businesses lists up several good tips for companies to save energy during the Christmas holidays.  Be sure to turn off all your electric machinery before leaving for your holidays – not only standby! Also make sure that all your shining Christmas lights (preferably LED) and monitors are turned off (50% of computer’s energy use). In addition they suggest implementing timer for lights if you need them for security reasons. Another good tip is to turn heaters down to the lowest temperature, so that only frost protection is assured. With the help of these tips you could reduce your costs significantly as for instance the Carbon Trust estimates that businesses in the UK could save up to £9 million per year only during Christmas time. 


Not only the electricity bills of offices increase during the Christmas days and so Sarah Krekorianoffers various saving tips for your Christmas party at home: Start by purchasing local food for your festival meals instead of exported food to reduce carbon emissions and to use air-circulation function of your oven instead of upper and lower heat as the circulating heat is more efficient and you don’t need to turn on the heater before backing. Another trick is to use thermostats to control your heater or as the post on wordpress suggests to close curtains and to let down the shutters to keep the warm air inside. Additionally you can save energy by replacing your old bulbs with LED or solar lights which do not only consume less energy but also have a longer lifespan. Also you may consider reducing the lights of your Christmas decoration or using candles instead. 

Candles instead of light bulbs

Candles instead of light bulbs


written by Hannah Dimpker

3 Responses to “A CHRISTMAS POST”
  1. annehwr says:

    I really liked your post Hannah! The topic you chose was a very good idea and I enjoyed reading all the neat advice, which I find very useful. Of course, I want to save energy (like most people), but the difficulty is usually, that you don’t know how, and then you are too lazy to get information on how to do so. So thanks for the advice! 🙂
    Furthermore I liked the way you directly talked to the reader and how you linked your topic of energy to our current situation of Christmas. Great job!

  2. Jessica M. says:

    Hey Hannah,
    great post! I really liked the way you wrote your introduction. Your linguistic skills are great!
    And how you divided your post into those two parts, made it interesing in two quite different aspects.
    Well done!

    I found an interesting website which talks about “Green Christmas” (http://eartheasy.com/give_sustainchristmas.htm). You mostly talked about electricity, heating and lights.. This site also considers recycling. How about making your own Christmas cards or recycling old ones as well as old wrapping paper? That will definitely also be good for our environment!

  3. alina says:

    Hey Hannah,
    since I haven’t read one of your articles yet I decided to look at the recent one and I must say good work!
    You came up with some really neat ideas & included opinions/hints of other blogposts as well.You point out several opportunities how to save energy during christmas time, so if I don’t feel like doing this one I can go with another one!
    I like Jessica’s idea as I remember me and family unwrapping all the (maybe unwanted –>hints to get rid of them :http://agloballove.wordpress.com/2011/12/29/same-shit-every-year/) presents and than the packaging simply lies around.

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